Shocking! Indian Family Tortured Maid to Death in Singapore

Shocking! Indian Family Tortured Maid to Death in SingaporeIn a rather horrid tale, a Singapore-Indian family tortured their Myanmarese maid till she passed away. The gory details came to light now that the case has come for hearing and the family was proven guilty of all charges.

The women of Indian origin not only physically tortured their maid, hitting her with her hands and various things but also starved the 24-year-old maid Piang Ngaih Don till she died of malnutrition and the pain she had to endure.

The family was from Bishan and hit their maid with bottles and bamboo sticks, dragged her by her hair and pulled her up by holding her hair, and severely tortured Don, all of which was captured in CCTVs in their house. They even tied her to the window grills during the night.

Finally, Don passed away due to severe neck and brain injuries. Don weighed 24 kg after months of torture at the time of her death.

Prema S Naraynasamy, her daughter Gaiyathiri Murugayan and Gaiyathiri’s ex-husband Kevin Chelvam were charged in a Singapore court. Recently Prema pleaded guilty on 48 counts, and Gaiyathiri admitted guilt on 28 counts. A 30-year prison will be imposed on Gaiyathiri. Prema will face a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a maximum punishment of SGD 5000 for each accusation of wilful injury.

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